Онлайн генератор рифм: подбор рифмы к словам

Rhyming Dictionary on is the best method to find a rhyme for a word in a few clicks. Our online rhyming dictionary will find necessary to you rhymes far quicker, than analogical services: firstly, the fast-acting program is optimized to the maximum, without delays, the rhymes dictionary is modernized and optimized. Plus the simple design of web-site that does not require the large traffic loading. Secondly, greatest dictionary of rhymes on spaces of the web, it has about 400 000 rhyming words. Certainly, we will not twist the soul to talk that our online rhyme generator and rhyme finder is the best, all analogues have the pluses and minuses, but we can say one certainly - is effective online rhyming dictionary, we can make warranty to you on that you will find needed words that rhyme.

For all writers, we want to mark that most rhyming Dictionaries online work very primitively, finding a correct rhyme is very intricate problem. As these generators of rhymes function with such principle - showing words that rhyme, having identical completion. Other act on another principle, far thinner - copy rhyming words from the enormous bases of poetic and literary texts (that, as you understand, hardly undertake with the permission of their authors). These two variants provide simple decision to find rhymes for words.

In the first variant, the rhyming dictionary (other words dictionary of rhymes) uses list of words that consist of identical completions - but in instance where we need to use English it does not mean an identical pronunciation! In another situation in rhyme scheme must well befit under the set of words, but only in case that a dictionary uses necessary words and quality rhymes dictionary.

How to find rhyming words?

Our rhyming dictionary as compared to the above-mentioned variants is an excellent decision: while generating rhymes he uses not literary search, and not function to find a rhyme on the base of former searches, but the special phonetic search, that uses the special dictionary of words that rhyme, in that a search comes true on sounding of words, but not on writing. It is possible to say, that by our online rhymes are the best words that rhyme from rhyme dictionary. Our program is based on the rendering-engine of Ruby + Java, and all necessary information is kept in the DB, that allow to decrease time of searching for rhymes to the word almost in two times.

Project rhyming dictionary and its search algorithm

The search algorithm of rhymes was done independently and from the ground up, by means of elementary logical reflections, as all material found by me on this subject showed itself to be too impracticable in the quality selection of rhymes; then function of rhyming words was transformed in a today's kind of rhyming dictionary and with its help we attained the quickness of implementation of rhyme searching on a necessary algorithm! Online rhyme searches variants only within the framework of our universal rhymes dictionary, and does not distinguish words that are not present, but we work our rhyming dictionary every day and we will try to modernize our rhyming words generator to perfect machine.

Resent rhyming words

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