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Rhyme types


Generally, the result of the rhyme search is identical or similar to the end of words. Typically, the rhyme to the word is used in the poems, giving them the ease and making reading faster. Unlike other types of harmonies, the rhyme is usually used at the end of the row or suggestions. Used by the majority of poets in different styles.

Types of rhyme

Perfect rhymes

Perfect rhymes are classified by the number of syllables, it is dictated by the position of the last stressed syllable.

  • single: the stress is on the last syllable
  • double: the stress is on the second from last syllable
  • dactylic: the stress is on the third from last syllable

General rhymes

General rhyme is a different type of phonetic similarity between words, and such similar-sounding words are used in verse. The class of rhymes in this general sense is dictated by the degree and manner of the phonetic similarity:

  • syllabic: a rhyme in which the final syllable of each word sounds the same but not always contain stressed vowels.
  • imperfect (near): a rhyme between a stressed and not stressed syllable.
  • weak (unaccented): a rhyme in the middle of two sets of one or more unstressed syllables.
  • semirhyme: a rhyme with an extra syllable on one word.
  • forced (oblique): a rhyme with a not perfect match in sound.
  • assonance: matching vowels. Assonance is sometimes referred to as slant rhymes, along with consonance.
  • consonance: matching consonants.
  • half rhyme (slant rhyme): matching final consonants.
  • pararhyme: all consonants match.
  • alliteration (head rhyme): matching initial consonants.